Review of Earl Green (Bergamot Oolong)

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I find it interesting that this tea is sometimes presented as green and other times presented as oolong. The base is pouchong or bao zhong, and it is flavored with bergamot as Earl Grey tea is NOT the same as Yongchun Fo Shou, the other tea called Bergamot Oolong, a tea I like very much.

Edgy, lemony, and skunky, but not skunky in the herbaceous way that a lot of greener oolongs are. Un-oolong-like. I see why this is marketed and presented as a green tea. I like this tea's edginess. I enjoyed it a lot, and I can see why it's popular.

It seems quite expensive relative to Rishi's other offerings, however. The price is above average among Rishi's teas, and it's one of the few teas Rishi sells that is not organic or fair trade certified. It's a flavored tea, and in my opinion, it isn't even a contender for one of their best teas.

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