Tea: Organic Masala Chai Black Tea

A Chai / Spiced Tea from Wegmans - O Organic

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Style:Chai / Spiced Tea
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Review of Organic Masala Chai Black Tea

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A good masala chai blend, but not among the best I've tried.

This tea looks to contain a nice blend of dry spices. I see a lot of cardamom pods, which is a good sign.

I thought the base tea was a little on the weak side. In spite of being broken into small pieces, it didn't seem to impart much strength to the cup. I recommend using more leaf than normal, and a longer steeping times. With 1 teaspoon per cup, and a 4 minute steeping, it was too weak for my tastes. I'd imagine that if you added milk this would be even more true, but Sylvia seems to say otherwise, so maybe it's a question of personal taste.

Aroma is not very complex...a sort of gingerbready quality, suggestive of dried ginger. Although I see whole cloves in the blend, the clove is subtle. I can taste the cardamom but I would prefer more. Thankfully, there is not too much cinnamon -- I was a little worried about this because cinnamon is listed as the second ingredient, but it does not dominate.

I thought this blend was too muted for my tastes. It's relatively inexpensive though, which is a plus. I think of Wegmans as a top-quality brand of tea, so while this was below-average among their offerings, I still thought it considerably above-average for a loose-leaf masala chai blend.

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