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An English Breakfast from Wegmans - O Organic

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This is a really standard but high-quality black tea. It doesn't taste like an English Breakfast blend though; it's not particularly malty or robust. I found it a bit boring.

Brews an opaque orangish-brown. Aroma is fruity and reminiscent of a typical Ceylon black tea of decent quality. Flavor is moderately strong: some bitterness and some sourness. Astringent finish, especially in the back of the throat, but less on the tip of the tongue. A slight sweetness in the finish.

I let this tea go very long (about 10-15 minutes) on the steeping, by accident, and it was suprisingly smooth and still quite drinkable.

I think this would be a good tea for someone who pay much attention to brewing, as it's hard to mess up. Still, I can't imagine buying this one given that Ahmad Tea exists; any number of their black teas I find a notch up from this in flavor, at a fraction of the price.

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