Tea: Dimakusi Assam BOP

An Assam from The Tea Centre

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Brand:The Tea Centre
Region:Udalguri, Assam, India
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Review of Dimakusi Assam BOP

9 of 105 of 53 of 587 of 100

This is quite simply, ambrosia. A truly sublime tea.

Without doubt, not just the best black tea I have tasted but the best tea itself, and the closest I have come yet to that Holy Grail of the perfect cup of tea. Lovely aroma and the flavour is perfectly balanced, strong, yet smooth, typical Assam maltiness but no bitterness. Unbelievably moreish, you cannot stop at one cup.

The only problem with the Dimakusi is that once you have tried it, you tend to compare everything else in relation to it.

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