Tea: Organic Pai Mu Tan White Peony

A White Peony Tea from Wegmans - O Organic

Picture of Organic Pai Mu Tan White Peony
Style:White Peony Tea
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Review of Organic Pai Mu Tan White Peony

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A top-notch white tea for a very low price: $30 a pound for a white tea that is organic certified and is among the better examples of this style of tea that I've sampled.

I found this tea was on the light side for pai mu tan or white peony tea, both by color and flavor, but it was still pleasant and flavorful.

Brews a very clear cup with a light color. Aroma is slightly floral, with faint hints of melon and autumn leaves. I tend to prefer examples of this tea (like those from TeaVivre or Adagio Tea) that are more aromatic overall, but that is a slight complaint...this tea is still very pleasing.

Pleasing flavor: there is some bitterness. A mild astringency is left on the palate, and I found this pleasing. This tea has more of a fresh, cooling quality than I'm used to for this type of tea. If brewed as recommended, especially on the low end of steeping times (3 minutes), it can easily brew two flavorful cups.

Very good. I'm still very surprised at the price: white teas tend to be expensive.

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