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A Hojicha from Mountain Rose Herbs - O Organic

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Brand:Mountain Rose Herbs
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A nutty and fruity hojicha, subtly aromatic. This is my favorite example of this type of tea yet...which surprises me because it's from China.

The dry leaf looks dark and has a fairly strong roasted aroma, but there's not much roastiness in the aroma of the brewed cup. Instead, I sense mostly nutty and fruity qualities. Much more oolong-like than typical for a hojicha. There's a certain lightness and freshness to this tea too...almost like a hint of wintergreen, a quality nearly always absent in this style of tea. There's also a hint of smokiness.

I'd definitely recommend this one; I think it is my all-time favorite hojicha. It's also very reasonably priced, and organic certified as well.

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