Tea: African Sunset

A Flavored Rooibos from Two Leaves and a Bud - O Organic - F Fair Trade

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Brand:Two Leaves and a Bud
Style:Flavored Rooibos
Caffeine:Caffeine Free
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Review of African Sunset

6 of 103 of 53 of 560 of 100

I often find Rooibus hard to describe, especially to people who have never had it before. The aroma is like being in a deciduous forest in autumn, sweet, woodsy, and leafy. There is also the slightly zingy taste of the Lemongrass that adds both a citrus and a green taste to the tea, but it seems more of an after thought than a major aroma.

The taste on the other hand is earthy and smooth with the natural sweetness that is one of Rooibus's traits. You do not taste the Lemongrass until the tea has already been swallowed and it is just a little reminder that it is there.

Overall it is exotic and an enjoy sensory experience, but I am not a huge fan. It is not at all bad but something about the mix of flavors do not work for me.

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