Tea: Sun Dried Jingshan Green

A Green Tea from Verdant Tea

Picture of Sun Dried Jingshan Green
Brand:Verdant Tea
Style:Green Tea
Region:Yunnan, China
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Review of Sun Dried Jingshan Green

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This tea was a real revelation to me. It is an amazing example of how careful growing and processing can bring out the very best in the tea leaf. Multiple brewings--either western style or Chinese style--bring out subtle flavors ranging from almost floral, vegetal sweetness in early steepings, to more substantial nutty and tangy tones in longer brews. It is a tea to be carefully brewed, and then contemplated while sipping.

As with all Verdant teas, you pay for quality. But as has been said often before, "life is too short for cheap tea." A wonderful indulgence.

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