Tea: British Breakfast

An English Breakfast from Republic of Tea

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Brand:Republic of Tea
Style:English Breakfast
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I was actually quite interested to finally sample this tea, as Republic of Tea seems more oriented towards blends and flavored teas, but I tend to like pure teas best.

I found this to be an average black tea in tea bags. Nothing really jumped out at me. There were fewer objectionable qualities (less harshness) than other mainstream brands like Lipton and PG Tips, but I also found it less aromatically complex. The aroma was not malty or rich--which I expect from an English Breakfast. Instead it was a little spicy, almost peppery, and had a mild savory quality.

Very inexpensive.

I would not buy this one, but it was interesting to try it. I'd prefer it to Lipton I think, but only slightly. Really far behind some of Republic of Teas flavored teas--like their ginger peach, which is my favorite. If I want straight black tea, I'll stick with loose-leaf of higher quality.

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