Review of Berry Cabernet (Formerly Berry Cocktail)

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This struck me as a rather typical fruity / berry blend. The flavor was natural: slightly tart but not too much so. The color is a rich brownish red, not so purplish as a lot of hibiscus-dominated blends.

I've tasted pure schizandra berries before, but I can only slightly detect their distinctive peppery aroma.

The commercial description mentions currants but they're not listed on the ingredient list, nor can I smell or taste them. It's a shame, as I love currants and I particularly like their pungent aroma in flavored teas and herbal blends.

There is a little bit of fleeting, transient strawberry aroma, which I think I dislike. I tend not to like the flavor extracts commonly included in blends like this, as they tend to seem more artificial-smelling than the whole fruit.

Good, but pricey like Octavia's other offerings. I think their pure teas are well worth the price, but I wouldn't spend premium dollar on a blend like this, which didn't really stand out as much among other brands with similar offerings.

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