Review of Iron Goddess of Mercy Oolong (Wulong)

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The aroma of the dry leaves is extremely fruity with a distinct smokiness and wood smell (oak or hickory). The slightly sweet medium bodied tea liquor however, has no noticeable fruity aroma or taste. But, the liquor does maintain the smokey aroma and wood smell, which is present also in the tea's after taste, and it get's stronger and stronger in each additional steeping. There is no unpleasant bitterness, bakeiness or astringency to this tea and it maintains it's flavor well up until the very end.

This very affordable and pleasant oolong tea goes for something like $5 for 4 oz. at TeaSource. I find it's best brewed using 3g of leaves in 6 oz of 195°F water with a quick rinse and for 3 mins for steepings one through five, and 4 mins 30 secs for steeping six.

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