Tea: Ceylon Green Tea with Real Ginger

A Flavored Green Tea from Dilmah

Picture of Ceylon Green Tea with Real Ginger
Style:Flavored Green Tea
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Review of Ceylon Green Tea with Real Ginger

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Brews a hazy yellow-green color. A lot of fine, granular particles sink to the bottom of the cup.

This tastes mostly like a low-grade green tea...the ginger is weak. Nearly all tea-herb blends and herbal teas containing ginger in their name, which I've tried, have been stronger than this. The ginger is noticeable if I pay attention to it, but it easily is lost.

The base tea tastes a lot like chun mee or young hyson, but it's weak. It's slightly tangy, brisk, and with a hint of smokiness.

I couldn't find this one on Dilmah's website, so I wonder if it has been discontinued. At any rate, it was certainly pleasant to drink, but nothing exciting...slightly uninteresting.

Drinkable, but nothing exciting and I probably wouldn't choose to drink it again. Slightly above average for a low-quality green tea in a tea bag...emphasis on the slightly.

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