Tea: Best Oolong Tea

A High Mountain Oolong from Tradition

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Style:High Mountain Oolong
Region:Taiwan / Formosa
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Review of Best Oolong Tea

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My mother really loved oolong tea, and first introduced me to this one as a recommendation since she first found it in a local Asian market. She loved the convenience of the foil wrapped sachets that made it convenient for her to stick in her purse when traveling, and I came to love the clean, simple, green oolong flavor and aroma.

So glad that Alex Z. liked this one as well, and love his review of this one. The way the tea expands is quite phenomenal, and I also don't brew it for more than 3 minutes as it gets too intense.

The same company (Tradition / Good Young Tea Company, Taiwan) also makes a really nice "fresh Green Tea" in sachets and "Barley Tea", but both are very hard to find.

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