Review of Chai Rooibos

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This blend had an aroma and flavor just like I'd expect--like a typical masala chai but with the tea replaced with rooibos. The rooibos is strong and aromatic: when I brewed this (I used a short steeping, under 3 minutes), I could strongly smell the rooibos.

The description lists lemongrass and vanilla, but I didn't notice these--perhaps the vanilla blends into the rooibos. I do notice the ginger, and it's pretty strong.

This blend was very good, and I thought it had a very reasonable price too. It's also very different from Rishi's West Cape Chai, which is another "Chai Rooibos" that I'd recommend. This one was more like a typical chai than Rishi's. It's a toss-up which one I'd like better; they are both excellent; this one for a classic flavor profile, Rishi's for something different.

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