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A Black Tea from Lipton Tea

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Brand:Lipton Tea
Style:Black Tea
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I've had this tea long ago, way before I created RateTea, but I couldn't remember it well enough to review it. I recently had the opportunity to try it again and write a proper review.

This is way ahead of Lipton's tea bags. The dry leaf is moderately aromatic, with some of the qualities of high-grown teas like Darjeeling and Ceylon, and some of the richer, maltier characteristics of teas like Assam and Kenyan teas. Balanced aroma. The leaf is broken, but looks to be orthodox (not mechanically processed/CTC).

Brews up a rich, dark colored cup which was less aromatic than I had expected, given the pleasant smell of the leaf. Flavor is very balanced and pleasant. I find the flavor much smoother than the tea bag, which becomes unpleasantly astringent and harsh easily. Easy to brew...unlike Lipton's tea bags, I find this isn't fussy about steeping time, probably because it has larger, more intact pieces of leaf, which are slower to infuse (and don't make the cup too bitter as easily).

The price is pretty reasonable, especially when compared to various mainstream tea bags, and even some higher-end loose tea brands. However, I can't see buying this when companies like Ahmad tea offer a product that is, in my opinion, both cheaper and higher quality.

Interesting to try, and I'd certainly recommend checking this out, especially for people who drink Lipton and want to try loose tea. It really is dramatically better than the tea bags--harder to oversteep and much more pleasing tasting.

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