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A sealed sample pack from the Philadelphia Coffee and Tea Festival.

Tea bag is aromaless, and the brewed cup has almost no discernable aroma until I sip it, at which point the aroma is extremely mild. Much more flavorful than aromatic though. The aroma I do notice is a faint tone of rice, with perhaps some suggestion of honey.

There's little about this tea that suggests an oolong--it almost tastes more like a very weak Darjeeling first flush to me.

Has some faint unpleasant qualities, a harshness that I encounter in low-quality tea bags, and a mild, unpleasant peppery finish. Not as bad as a mainstream brand like Lipton though.

Overall, the experience of drinking was more pleasant than I would expect from the lack of aroma. The flavor is pleasant and it leaves pleasant sensations on the palate.

But I'd be unlikely to buy this one. Among oolongs in tea bags, I strongly prefer Ten Ren; they have a variety of oolongs in tea bags which are in a similar price range (like the Ten Wu and Tung Ting ones) and blow this one away.

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