Tea: Green Yerba Maté

A Yerba Maté from Upton Tea Imports

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Brand:Upton Tea Imports
Style:Yerba Maté
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Review of Green Yerba Maté

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Very smooth flavor, yet tobacco-like in aroma, almost to the point of being harsh. The aroma is also reminiscent of wood, earth, and stone. A strange and rather strong sweetness is present, especially in the aftertaste.

I find Upton's recommendations to be off. I prefer to steep only a few minutes, and use less leaf. This minimizes the unpleasant tobacco-like quality, but leaves a honey-like sweetness and a pleasing overall aroma.

I did not initially like Yerba mate and I found it gave me a headache, but this effect has since gone away. I find this particular green yerba mate to be on the strong side.

Very reasonable price, but I want to point out that there are alternatives (like Mate factor) that are much cheaper AND organic certified and produced with an eye towards sustainability.

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