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A Genmaicha from Dynasty

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I used to drink this brand a long time ago, and I liked it quite a lot. I recently had the opportunity to sample a tea bag of this particular tea again. It's just how I remember it--and very enjoyable.

Teabag has a strong aroma of toasted rice, suggestive of popcorn. Brews a light greenish-brown cup that is very aromatic. Both the toasted rice and base green tea are strongly evident in the flavor and aroma.

Aroma is both nutty/toasty, and vegetal/grassy. Bold flavor, fresh, and with a pleasant bite; I'd call it brisk. Rich mouthfeel...feels hearty, warming, wholesome, satisfying. The only downside is that it has a bit more astringency than I'd like, but just a bit.

Surprisingly good for such a cheap tea bag. Better than some loose-leaf genmaicha I've had, and even cheaper per cup than some of it.

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