Review of Devonshire English Breakfast Black Tea

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I wasn't expecting much...but has some aroma. Tones of malt and wood. Yes, it's not loose tea, and I even think this is pretty far behind most of Celestial Seasonings' herbal blends.

Considerably smoother than Lipton, but still full-bodied. I'd appreciate a little more up-front bite--perhaps a longer steeping would be better (I did 2 minutes because I'm used to these low-end tea bags coming out too harsh). The end of the cup though is still a bit harsh, too much astringency and too much bitterness at the bottom, not enough at the top. Stirring might remedy this if I had known up-front.

Drinkable. I often sample low-quality tea bags and pour them out, but this one I finished and enjoyed. I still can't see buying it though. In this price range, there are a lot of tea bag brands, like Ten Ren for green and oolong, and Ahmad for black teas, that I think do a better job for cheaper. Herbal teas seems to be the domain of Celestial Seasonings more than black teas.

As a final note, I found this tea tasted better once it had cooled closer to room temperature. Some of the more interesting aromatic tones came out more.

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