Tea: China Green Tea

A Green Tea from Foojoy

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Style:Green Tea
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I think the bar is set pretty low when it comes to green teas in tea bags, but this one greatly exceeds my expectations for its price.

Not very picky about brewing--I used boiling water and it tastes fine. The 3 minute steeping is just about right. I wouldn't go too much longer because there is some bitterness and I can see this getting too much with too long a steeping.

Aroma is relatively flat, but there are mild floral and vegetal tones. Flavor is bold and crisp, very slightly bitter, and somewhat tangy.

A little more bitter and astringent at the bottom of the cup. Tastes best when hot and sipped gradually.

Much better than any of the other low-end green tea teabags on the market, like Bigelow's classic green tea. I can't imagine drinking this when I had access to good loose-leaf green tea, even an inexpensive type like chun mee or gunpowder.

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