Review of Fahari Ya Kenya Tea

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An outstanding bargain-buy of impressive quality.

This tea is a blend of fine granules of CTC (mechanically processed) tea, with a small amount of small golden strands of tea leaf. It's a contender for the title of best CTC tea I've ever tried, although I suppose it isn't exactly 100% CTC.

Brews up a really robust, thick cup with a rich color and a powerful aroma of malt and wintergreen. Surprisingly low bitterness and astringency; never tannic or harsh. This tea was pretty exceptional for its price range. I enjoyed drinking it more than many orthodox teas of higher grades. And the price is very low.

I recommend a 1-minute steep with boiling water, using one teaspoon per cup, but this tea is smooth enough that some people may wish to brew it stronger than that.

I can see making this an everyday tea. It's better than most black teas on the market and costs next to nothing.

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