Review of Passion Fruit (Paradise)

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This is not the sort of blend I enjoy.

I found the loose-leaf of this blend to have a cloying, artificial aroma, but thankfully, this dissipated upon brewing, giving way to a rich, full-bodied, and more subtle experience overall.

The aroma of the brewed cup suggested sourness, but upon drinking I was pleased to find that it was only slightly tangy and not overwhelmingly sour! I don't notice the rooibos much though--the hibiscus and fruit flavors and aromas seem to thoroughly cover it up.

This is not the type of blend I normally like, but I thought this one was well-executed. It still pales in comparison to the pure teas I've sampled from Octavia. I'm starting to think that this is a company that really excels in pure teas, but that does a more run-of-the-mill job of blends.

I wish they offered a pure rooibos. It puzzles me a bit that they don't, and also that they have so many different berry and fruit blends.

To me, this one was so similar to the Berry Cocktail that it was almost indistinguishable when I didn't try them side-by-side...I think I could have been fooled. I think Octavia would do well to pare down their offerings of these similar sour fruit teas (with or without rooibos) and instead offer more herbal blends that taste genuinely different.

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