Review of Mexican Mango Chili Mate

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This was something completely new and different, unlike any other tea, mate, or herbal blend that I've tried previously. An old review that I only am posting now; I sampled this at the Philadelphia Coffee and Tea Festival.

There's a slight kick from the chili. Keep in mind, I'm someone who LOVES spicy food, stuff like the hottest Mexican salsa, or hot dishes in Szechuan food, so when I say "slight kick", many Americans might perceive this as "burning hot".

I actually really appreciate the combination of chili and mate, because I find that Yerba mate has a rather soothing quality, a little like hot chocolate or cocoa, that tends to make it easy for me to burn my tongue. So, the chili may actually have a protecting effect by making it taste hotter than it is.

Aroma is very fruity, but also earthy, possibly from the ginseng. The different ingredients seem to blend well and it's hard to pick out what is contributing to what--the fruitiness may be coming both from the mate and coconut, possibly the rooibos as well.

An innovative blend, and balanced and well-executed. Again, I normally don't tend to go for these sorts of complex blends, but I thought this was good for what it was. I also think chili and mate is a winning combination.

If I were to make a blend like this though, with chili + mate, I'd take it in a different direction. I'd probably use roasted mate, remove the green tea, and add spice, perhaps allspice or mace, maybe also add vanilla.

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