Tea: Bombay Masala Chai

A Chai / Spiced Tea from Chai Diaries - O Organic

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Brand:Chai Diaries
Style:Chai / Spiced Tea
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Review of Bombay Masala Chai

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A creamy chai, light bodied yet with a slight tannic kick.

Sample at the Philadelphia Coffee and Tea Festival...I've taken very long to post my reviews.

This was the first tea I sampled from Chai Diaries, and it impressed me and made me eager to try more from this new company. The vanilla is just enough to impart a creamy character, without screaming "vanilla chai". Although I see no nutmeg listed, the smell strongly suggests nutmeg. Brews a surprisingly light color cup, but has a tannic edge which I found pleasant.

I thought the price was reasonable, but it's still a notch pricier than Rishi Tea's Masala Chai, which I think is hard to compete with--I still like Rishi's blend better so I'd be unlikely to buy this one.

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