Review of Kenyan Black Tea with Lemon (Teabags)

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I thought this to be a very original blend, top-notch.

Very intense lemon fragrance, holding its own against the base tea. Like most lemon myrtle, there's a deep woody or resinous undertone, making a very complex aroma, combined with the malty but fresh aroma of the Kenyan black tea. The lemon myrtle really holds its own against this strong tea, cutting through and leading to a blend with two strong components co-existing side-by-side.

The only downside to this is its astringency...the pure Ajiri tea is normally slightly astringent, I think just the right amount, and the lemon myrtle adds considerable astringency.

I still think it's delightful though. What I love most about this blend though is how it smell so strongly of lemon, without being at all sour.

Potent. If you want a robust, kick-you-in-the-face lemon tea that has something of the purity of straight black tea, I recommend this. It achieves something that adding lemon to brewed tea never could.

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