Review of Chocolate Puerh - Black Tea Blend

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Of the three pu-erhs we've tried by Numi (Chocolate, Cardamom, and Emperor's), this one was our favorite. Pu-erhs are earthy, reminiscent of a barnyard even, but this one has an appealing and definite festive aroma. Brings to mind eating warm gingerbread cookies in front of a toasty fire, or a busy bakery at Christmas time. Does not taste like chocolate in the cup, but the cocoa sweetens its earthy character consummately. Was able to get three decent cups from one tea bag, and I do think I would buy it again. Comforting, warm, and aromatic. Would pair well with an evening dessert or just to top off a satisfying meal. Stands well alone, but milk or sugar brings out the best.

With water brought to a full, rolling boil, this unique concoction infuses to a rich, deep, coffee black color, and when cream is added, it takes on a rosy mocha brown appearance and quality. Second and third infusions are easily gotten from one tea bag, so the higher price is justified for the higher quality tea.

Pu-erhs have a reputation for being especially good for your health.

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