Tea: Earl Greyer

An Earl Grey Tea from Republic of Tea

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Brand:Republic of Tea
Style:Earl Grey Tea
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I just recently tried this tea at a coffee shop/cafe at a local mall. I thought the tea pouch looked rather tiny, so I had my doubts as to the strength when I filled my 16 oz. cup full of hot water. I was pleasantly surprised with the flavor after a five minute brew... it tasted wonderful! I would have to say that it ranks right up there with Numi's Aged Earl Grey in my book.

This paired nicely watching a hockey game after ice skating with the family. I felt spoiled.

The bergamot was powerfully aromatic in the dry teabag, but then balanced out nicely in the cup. There was no noticeable astringency; just pleasant maltiness that paired beautifully with cream. I also was able to enjoy a second cup that was just about as strong as the first brew. I should note that the cafe offered good, hot, filtered water in an urn that was untainted with the flavor of coffee- a definite plus!

I paid $1.70 for the teabag, which felt overpriced, but considering I was able to get 32 oz of great tea out of one tiny tea bag, I figure that's a fairly good value.

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