Tea: Vanilla Bean

A Vanilla Black Tea from Mighty Leaf Tea

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Brand:Mighty Leaf Tea
Style:Vanilla Black Tea
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Review of Vanilla Bean

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This tea has, unsurprisingly, a distinctly 'black tea lightly sweetened with vanilla' aroma. (In fact, the only other ingredient listed is "natural flavors".) In general, I like the simplicity of its design. After tasting it, I'm a fan of the vanilla, but I think I may not be a black tea person. I prefer teas that don't need sweetening (I've noticed weirdness with myself and sugar lately), and for me this one does. I added some non-dairy creamer and that improved the flavor somewhat, but ultimately this one simply isn't for me.

I do like Mighty Tea's sachets. As the reviewer mentioned below, the tea does plump up nicely inside it. Also, since it's biodegradable, I'll add not only the used tea but also cut up pieces of the sachet to my compost bin. So I give the company kudos for having said "green" manufacturing/design. :-)

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