Tea: Cinnamon Tempest

A Flavored Black Tea from Trader Joe's

This tea has been retired/discontinued.

Picture of Cinnamon Tempest
Brand:Trader Joe's
Style:Flavored Black Tea
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Review of Cinnamon Tempest

9 of 105 of 55 of 593 of 100

This alluring, red tin, contains a personality be prepared to help you accomplish long nights of work or study.

It will be the best friend to an orange-cranberry scone, but it won't be your cat's; for this tea is spicy, bitter, slightly sweet, and aromatic. Perhaps the best deterrent to your cat's habit of jumping on your work space.

Orange rinds provide sweet balance to the bitterness in this medium-bodied black tea. It's robust. Even with a dollop of raw, orange blossom honey, this tea over powers you with flavor, it isn't meek, it lets you know who it is, while also enhancing your work performance.

So strong in caffeine. I'm always amazed by how one cup will make me feel warm, the second, hot, then the third make me feel like I can do 8 hours of work starting at midnight after a long day of daily chores, a closing shift at the cafe, a walk home in 2 feet of snow, and after eating a bowl full of mashed potatoes at 10p for dinner.

This is your Winter, Personal Trainer. She's an assertive personality.

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