Review of Tangerine Orange Zinger Herbal Tea

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My go to brand for when I can't even afford milk, bread, and eggs, but still require something hot to start my mornings or end my nights with. This tea has stood by me for the last 2 years, entertained all my closest friends, charmed my boyfriend with my domestic "home brewed" skills, so I want to share with you some of the joys:

No matter the season, this tea compliments all my tea-drinking moods. I think there is something special about it, because it's so flavorful hot or iced. A teaspoon of honey to a quart of iced tea makes this one of the best drinks to quench thirst after a tough gym work out, without ingesting chemicals, caffeine, or a lot of sugar.

It's usually weak when I follow the brewing instructions. So I leave the tea bag in my cup and savor the juicy, fruit and floral taste with each sip.
I like this tea so much, I don't usually eat anything with it.

The packaging doesn't lock in any flavor, so I will relocate it to a tea tin. I have no idea where Celestial Seasonings obtain the herbs or teas, so this is a drawn back for me. Its a good tea for a person who likes drinking tea but cannot afford, 3 cups a day of high quality, tea.

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