Tea: Holy Basil, Vana (Tulsi)

A Vana Tulsi from Mountain Rose Herbs - O Organic

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Brand:Mountain Rose Herbs
Style:Vana Tulsi
Caffeine:Caffeine Free
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Review of Holy Basil, Vana (Tulsi)

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Dry leaf smells complex, like dried ginger and anise, with a hint of straw or hay. Much more complex than the only other example of Vana tulsi that I've tried.

Brews up a very strong, dark cup relative to the amount of leaf used. The brewed cup has a spicy and very complex aroma, and a piquant (sharp but enjoyable) flavor, tones of wood, especially cedar, and hay. Although the dry leaf suggests ginger and anise, I find the brewed cup suggests allspice and mace more. Reminds me a bit of gingerbread, which I like, but also slightly of potpourri, which I am less a fan of. Also reminds me a bit of being in an old barn.

Fairly astringent, and leaves a tingling and slightly numb sensation on the palate. Moderately bitter and I find the bitterness grows upon drinking further. The body has a character more like black tea than any other examples of tulsi I've tried.

Quite unexpected and fascinating to drink, I also liked how I felt after drinking it. It was relaxing but it didn't seem quite as strongly relaxing as the Rama or Krishna tulsi.

As with most of Mountain Rose Herbs, I thought this was exceptional quality for its price. I still think I prefer the other two varieties of holy basil, but this was my favorite example of the Vana variety that I've sampled yet.

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