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Another cheap green tea from this company, less impressive than the others but still pleasant and drinkable. Dry leaf smells mildly like a low-quality chun mee or mid-quality gunpowder tea. The leaf looks a bit intermediate between the two; it's dusty gray-green, and has a mixture of more narrow and wider twisted pieces, but is pretty broken.

Brews a mild cup that is ever-so-slightly tangy and has a fairly strong cooling quality. Weak aroma has a faint smokiness, some vegetal notes (especially celery), and a hint of cinnamon and fruity notes.

Not very bitter and not very astringent. Slightly sweet. Slightly metallic finish.

I was impressed with this tea's smoothness, but its weak aroma and lack of brisk flavor (I usually like a little bite or kick in teas that have a similar aroma to this) would make me prefer any garden-variety chun mee to this one.

I can see this being a tea well-suited to mainstream American tastes though, especially people who do not tend to like green tea, as it lacks the bitterness and astringency of many green teas.

I recommend being careful about brewing though; this tea is pretty sensitive to brewing temperature. I found this tea was best with a 3 minute steeping and 180F water.

Good, but not for my tastes--I strongly prefer the Bi Luo Chun and Huangshan Mao Feng from this same import company. They are not much more expensive either, and I think offer much better value.

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