Tea: Organic Earl Grey

An Earl Grey Tea from Divinitea - O Organic

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Style:Earl Grey Tea
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A medium-bodied Earl Grey, tending slightly towards the perfumey side of aroma, less towards citrus. The base tea is rich and malty, and brews a clear red-orange liquor.

Light to moderate bitterness; I get the sense that that there's less of the fresh, biting bitterness coming from the bergamot, and more of a muted bitterness from the tea itself. I'm not familiar enough with Nilgiri teas to identify the character of the underlying tea as Nilgiri...it tasted a lot like an Assam to me, but perhaps a little less edgy.

Pleasant and very enjoyable. Among the better examples of loose-leaf Earl Grey that I've tried. Not cheap, but not exorbitant either, and with the quality to back up the price.

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