Review of White Tea Blueberry & Elderflower

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Blueberries and caffeine, an uplifting feeling to remind me spring sun will soon be rising with me in the morning.

This tea has powerful aroma, so sweet and juicy. The lemon grass heightens the quality of the blueberries and makes my morning bowl of oatmeal, honey nut cheerios, or greek yogurt so balanced.

White tea seems to be my favorite. I haven't entirely decided this, since I'm just beginning to write about tea, but the light, aromatic, flavor always makes me feel my best. Especially while blueberries shoo away winter blues.

In a furry for natural cleaners, natural soap, and new tea, I one-stop shopped at the TJ maxx brand store, Home Goods and found some excellent teas. I also don't know the difference between a teabag or a sachet apparently. These look like tea bags to me, but the packaging indicates 20 sachets are contained in each box.

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