Tea: Valley Green Tea

A Green Tea from Shan Valley

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Brand:Shan Valley
Style:Green Tea
Region:Burma (Myanmar)
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9 of 103 of 55 of 573 of 100

The aroma of the dry leaves is very kelpy and reminiscent of the sea air with a slight vegetal hint of spinach. The wet leaves are still quite kelpy and vegetal but now there is a fruity sweetness. The liquid smells like kelp and brackish water, which I find fantastic.

First is the initial kelp taste with a hint of slightly fishy, metallic note. It quickly fades to cooked spinach, which goes nicely with the ocean greens theme, but the finish is a mix of sweet cherries and seaweed. I think the sweetness at the end kinda ruined the experience for me, if it had been all kelp and vegetal I would have loved this tea immensely, but the cherry sweetness added too much of a clashing taste.

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