Tea: Black Tea - CTC

A Black Tea from Shan Valley

Picture of Black Tea - CTC
Brand:Shan Valley
Style:Black Tea
Region:Burma (Myanmar)
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Review of Black Tea - CTC

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The aroma of the tea is quite rich and invigorating, blending strong sweet malty notes with rich nuttiness. It reminds me a bit of the aroma of a strongly nutty coffee, or even one of those fancy coffee tea blends that I have tried once or twice. There is a finishing aroma of roasted peanuts. The aroma of this tea certainly wakes up your nose.

The first thing I notice is how smooth the tea is, it has a tiny bit of bitterness that gives it a bold quality and slight dryness.The taste is a blend of nuttiness, rich earthy notes, and a sweet finish of fruit.

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