Review of Peppermint Ginger - Christmas Blend

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Thank you Kelsey for giving me this one.

The tea bag is pretty flat and aromaless. Upon brewing though, a light peppermint aroma comes out, relatively mild. The base tea, which I think is a green tea, actually really comes out in the aroma. It smells sort of like an okay but not great sencha.

I can barely notice any ginger whatsoever. I love ginger in tea blends, and I think it would blend well with the base tea used in this blend, which is brisk and it's a shame I can't taste it at all. I mainly notice the ginger as a slight peppery sensation on the palate, but there's zero ginger aroma.

Bottom line, okay. It was drinkable, but I still think this was a pretty low-quality blend and I would not recommend it. Better than the "Breakfast Special" by a lot, in my opinion.

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