Review of Pumpkin Spice Chai

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he aroma is quite yummy and evocative of autumn. The allspice and ginger are the most prominent aroma with the cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg dancing around in the background, and there is a nice malty undertone. It blends the spices with bright black tea aroma that is nothing short of mouthwatering.

Tasting time! As per tradition this chai is made with cream and sugar giving it an extra richness and sweetness, I found I only needed a little sugar since it is sweet already from the spices. Speaking of spices they are wonderful, being both strong and mellow. Allspice and cinnamon are the dominant spices with the others not far behind, they cause the tea to have a warm and slightly tingly mouthfeel so it is like being hugged on the inside. The base tea is smooth and malty with a slight hint of woodiness that blends well with the spices. This is an exquisite chai and certainly my favorite tea that I tried from Just Organic Tea.

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