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I tried this out of curiosity and am evaluating it more for taste than for any medicinal properties.

The tea bag is wonderfully aromatic, always a good sign, and the aroma is complex, suggesting mint and licorice but with a lot of other things going on.

Upon brewing, the cup has so much going on in the aroma that it's hard to describe. I can smell licorice, mint, and fennel. There are smells that remind me of the inside of Chinese herbal stores, and Indian groceries, deep spicy smells.

Flavor is naturally quite sweet, presumably from the licorice and possibly from other ingredients as well. I find the sweetness much more pleasant than Stevia or artificial sweeteners...there's no bitter aftertaste, and the sweetness is muted, coming onto the palate slowly and fading slowly. Still, it's a little sweet for me--I could handle more bitter and would prefer less sweet.

Spaflam comments that this is way too strong to drink recreationally, but I actually liked how this tasted. It may be a bit too strong if steeping it the full 10 minutes as recommended, but I thought it tasted more drinkable after about 3 minutes. It was still pleasant to me, just very strong, after a longer steeping. It got both more sweet and bitter, and if it's too strong to drink I'd imagine it could just be watered down.

I think it would be quite pleasant and enjoyable to drink for medicinal purposes. Based on how I feel after drinking it, I can see this being good for breathing...even though I wasn't very congested or having any breathing troubles, I actually feel clearer than normal after drinking it.

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