Tea: Tiger Monk - Roasted Oolong

An Oolong Tea from Temple Road

Picture of Tiger Monk - Roasted Oolong
Brand:Temple Road
Style:Oolong Tea
Region:Taiwan / Formosa
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Review of Tiger Monk - Roasted Oolong

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The aroma of the dried leaves is quite intense, blending notes of caramelized sugar and roasted nuts with lesser notes of raisins. The tightly rolled leaves have a finishing aroma of coal and fresh wood. I was pleasantly surprised at how sweet the aroma is, it blends really well with the smoky coal finish. Once steeped the leaves take on the complex blend of cherries and coal, milk and cocoa.

I was able to get several steeps out of this tea using my gaiwan, the first was buttery smooth with a blend of cherries, raisins, and a finish of wood smoke. The second and third steep are intensely sweet with a blend of cherries, honey, and roasted nuts with a strong wood smoke taste that goes from really intense at the second steep to a mild smokiness at the third. This is definitely a new favorite tea

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