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The only gunpowder tea I have ever had in a tea bag, and was among the better examples of gunpowder tea that I've tried, competing even against a lot of loose leaf (much better than the generic boxed stuff sold cheaply in most Chinatowns and Asian markets). Served in the little cafe in the middle of Franklin and Marshall College's campus.

A flat paper tea bag that has relatively big pieces of leaf, looking just like most loose-leaf gunpowder. Brews a rich golden-amber cup, quite dark in color for a green tea.

Mild aroma. Only a light hint of smokiness, not overly smoky like some examples of this style of tea. Smells more like Japanese sencha than most gunpowder.

This tea has a clean, fresh, cooling quality...lightly tangy, almost slightly minty. A good tea for a hot day. I'd imagine it would probably also taste great iced.

I steeped for 3 minutes, and then again for 5. The second cup was plenty strong, like I'd expect from a whole-leaf tea. A little pricey though, especially given that gunpowder, even good-quality, organic examples of it, is very cheap. I compare to some of the loose-leaf offerings from Upton Tea Imports, which are a fraction of the cost-per-cup of this one. But the price on this is not bad if you compare it to whole-leaf organic teas in tea bags.

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