Review of Tie Guan Yin Master Grade Oolong Tea

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The aroma of this Tie Guan Yin is nothing short of heavenly, very floral and sweet. I mainly notice orchids and honeysuckles but for an extra treat I can pick out the aroma of scuppernongs.

I was able to get four steepings out of this tea. The taste starts out very floral, primarily orchids with a hint of lilac, it transitions into vegetal and a hint of mineral with the next steep. The third was by far the best, the taste is intense! Best steep of the set, it manages to be intense but still mild (ah the magic of Oolongs) the flavor is mildly roasted chestnut at first and then it fills your mouth with intense orchid. The finish is delicate and sweet and floral with a bit of roasted chestnuts at the end.

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