Tea: Amber Dragon

An Osmanthus Tea from Octavia Tea - O Organic

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Brand:Octavia Tea
Style:Osmanthus Tea
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I love osmanthus-scented oolong; this one is completely different from the other example, from Upton Tea, which I tried. Whereas Upton's tea (ZM44) is a greener oolong where the base tea's natural floral scent blends seamlessly into the osmanthus flowers, this tea is a darker oolong with a less floral character, and it is more like a formal partnership where the two ingredients remain separate, than a melting pot where they combine.

Brews up a cup with a very clear liquor, dark amber if steeped less, rich brown, but still clear, if steeped longer.

I know what osmanthus smells like, so its distinct aroma is immediately evident and I found myself able to mentally separate the tea's aroma from the osmanthus blossoms when drinking it. But to someone who isn't as familiar with this scent, I can see it blending into the tea more.

The tea itself is mellow and less floral...there's a bit of roast, and some fruitiness.

The flavor is smooth, with little bitterness or sourness, and just enough astringency to impart a slight body...about as smooth as possible without being thin.

Subtle and easy drinking. Resteeps easily, and I find it retains the balance of osmanthus to tea through each steeping. I found the second and especially third infusion brought out an olive-like note in the aroma that was less evident in the first cup.

I like this tea a lot...my only possible criticism is that it's pretty similar to Octavia's other oolongs. I find Octavia's choice of teas a bit odd in that their black (and green) teas tend to have a lot of bite and kick to them, but so far, all their oolongs that I've sampled have been exceptionally mellow and smooth. While I love this tea, I also enjoy the edgier, bolder oolongs as well, and I think Octavia would do well to diversity their catalogue a bit, both in terms of stocking stronger-flavored oolongs, and some mellower examples of black and green teas.

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