Review of Da Yu Ling Oolong Tea

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This tea is gorgeous. I'm a little bit in love, with a tea. I'm resisting the urge to write: "on nom nom" as the entire review, because that's probably not very helpful.

The dry tea smells like green tea, but after steeping, it smells like sweet flowers, with a little bit of berry. It smells like summer!

This was prepared gong fu style with just-under boiling water. First steep was 45 seconds, then 1:30, then 3 minutes. I prefer the longer infusions, but they were all great. The best infusion was at 1:30.

At 45 seconds, the color was very pale yellow and the flavor was quietly floral. After 1:30, the color deepened slightly and the flavor was sweet and flowery, but without being cloying. It's hard to describe this effect, other than to say that it's perfect. I can also taste the sweet berry flavor I was smelling as the tea brewed. After 3 minutes, the tea was a golden yellow and the floral flavors were more pronounced, but were still somehow subtle.

I want to drink this tea every single day. I'm currently kicking myself for not buying a larger bag, but it's a little pricey. It's absolutely worth the money, but for me, it will be saved for special occasions.

This tea is beautiful, amazing, delicious. Definitely my new fave!

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