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A Black Tea from Red Rose Tea

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Brand:Red Rose Tea
Style:Black Tea
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I've now reviewed five of the specialty teas from Red Rose, but it wasn't until today that I finally reviewed their original flagship blend.

The tea bags, as well as the brewed cup (I brewed for 3 minutes) are basically aroma-less, but upon drinking it's actually more pleasant.

Full-bodied and strong tasting but without seeming overly bitter. A weak aroma emerges only as I'm drinking the cup...a little malty, with very faint tones of wintergreen. In a similar league with Lipton, but I'd prefer to Lipton because of its smoother nature, although I do think Lipton is a bit more aromatic and complex. I also think this tea would be slightly better for people who drink their tea without milk, sugar, or lemon, as it's naturally smoother or sweeter.

That said, one cup is about as much as I want before I get back to drinking my loose teas again.

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