Tea: Linden Leaves Tea

An Herbal Tea from Badia

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Style:Herbal Tea
Caffeine:Caffeine Free
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In certain ways, this tea is similar in aroma to linden blossom tea, although is is richer and has more of a savory, spicy quality. Still somewhat floral, however. A suggestion of honey in the aroma, and a bit of a sort of light, bready quality. The aroma reminds me somewhat of walking under a Linden tree when the tree is not in bloom, such as in the fall. The aroma is remarkably complex for such an inexpensive teabag tea.

This tea is marketed as being relaxing. I definitely notice some sort of effect after drinking it but it's not the same as other relaxing teas like chamomile or tulsi. It's a bit of a strange feeling; I'm not comfortable drinking this tea every day but sometimes it's good. I find this tea very soothing when I had a cold.

Very inexpensive!

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