Review of Superfine Taiwan Ali Shan Oolong Tea

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I thought this oolong was ok, but not amazing. I've been drinking some outstanding oolongs lately. Maybe it's becoming harder to impress me!

I was feeling very lazy this AM, so I made the mistake of brewing this grandpa style with about a tsp of leaves in my Dr. Who mug at 208 degrees. I didn't get many pleasant flavors or aromas. It just tasted kind of weak. As it sat and cooled, it started leaving a kind of dry feeling in my mouth, but it didn't really get stronger.

This afternoon, I decided I should brew this properly, so I used 5 g of leaves in my gong fu set and did some shorter steeps, still at 208 degrees. The tea was better this way, but still seemed weak. It did smell and taste green with some light florals, but something just seemed to be missing.

I only did about 3 steeps before I stopped getting much of anything out of the leaves. I'm thankful to Alex for the sample. I just don't think this is the oolong for me.

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