Review of Decaffeinated Green Tea

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Yesterday I tried the Organic Green Tea from Trader Joe's and I thought it was terrible, and poured it out. I was expecting this tea to be even worse, as it's decaf, and was completely floored to find that I actually liked it better.

I noticed as soon as I took out the tea bag that it was more aromatic...I could actually smell the tea itself, even before water touched the leaves at all.

Upon brewing, produces a cup with a discernable green tea aroma. The cup foams a whole lot, which I've noticed that a lot of decaf teas do, and I don't know why. Like the other tea, reminiscent of Bigelow's green tea.

Slightly herbaceous, mildly suggesting celery and various herbs. A light toastiness. Mild aroma, mild flavor, but slightly crisp. Would not drink again, but unlike the (caffeinated) organic green tea I just tried from Trader Joe's, was at least drinkable.

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