Tea: Traditional Tieguanyin

A Tie Guan Yin from Whispering Pines

This tea has been retired/discontinued.

Picture of Traditional Tieguanyin
Brand:Whispering Pines
Style:Tie Guan Yin
Region:Fujian, China
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Review of Traditional Tieguanyin

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This was a good tea, but I wasn't blown away. Interestingly, the dry tea smells like pumpkin guts. That's the second time I've smelled tea leaves with this aroma within a week. It's very pleasant, but I'm a little confused.

That being said, I didn't pick up on any nuances in the flavor. The flavor here seems heavier. I think this tea may be a little more oxidized, and maybe I just prefer the more lightly oxidized oolongs.

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