Review of Peach Jasmine Dragon Pearl Green Tea

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Wow. An excellent flavored tea for once!

I was intrigued to try this tea, in large part because TeaVivre tends to focus on traditional unflavored teas.

The leaf has a strong aroma of peach, and I notice little else, neither jasmine nor the base tea, but the peach smells rich and natural, like dried peaches rather than flavoring.

Upon brewing, I find the peach aroma becomes more subdued, and the tea becomes balanced. The base tea is strongly evident in the flavor, which is surprisingly bold. I also detect some tones of melon, which I am pretty sure are coming from the tea rather than the flavoring, but which blend well with the fruity flavoring.

The jasmine really seems to disappear under the peach...I might notice it if it were somehow taken out, but I can't discern it when drinking the cup. I do notice a lot of interesting complexities of aroma though, including a hint of cinnamon.

Brewed 2 minutes with 185F water, as instructed, the leaf produced a relatively mild cup with a flavor that was smooth but not too weak, and a nice aroma. I used 12 pearls to brew a cup; this was the amount that fit easily in a teaspoon. I think this is a good quantity of leaf although you could use more if you want a stronger cup, but I preferred a longer (3 minute) steeping best.

Easily brews multiple cups. The second cup is easy to oversteep, so I recommend using about the same steeping time, or less, for the second cup, as it produces a bold flavor. I was able to easily produce three steeps, and the balance of the peach flavoring with the base tea remained remarkably consistent. Four steeps is not too hard to achieve, and the peach flavoring persists. The green tea and jasmine may come out slightly more in the later cups, but the peach flavoring is still there and tastes just right to me.

I am impressed. I tend not to like flavored teas, and I especially tend not to like ones that use a lighter teas as base, yet I really enjoyed this one.

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SarsyPie wrote:
on June 3rd, 2014

This sounds really good. I am not a fan of artifical peach, so this might be right up my alley. I think I'll add it to my list. :)

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